Jaguar and Celadon Trucking Services


Jaguar, a company of Celadon Trucking, is the primary international carrier for Celadon, utilizing the resources and benefits of the larger carrier. Through this relationship, Jaguar has a one of a kind, specialized fleet for crossing the Mexican border. This allows full custody of the load from start to finish, including the border drayage portion.  

We further operate a JAG USA fleet which is a specialized expedite fleet dedicated to the border. The JAG USA fleet operates from Nuevo Laredo and runs to destinations in the United States.  They then immediately return back to Nuevo Laredo to offer consistent and dependable capacity at the border. This solution is one of Celadon’s largest and most successful team operations and is a perfect solution for time sensitive freight.

Through our specialized Jaguar fleets, we provide interchanges for some of the largest U.S carriers, meaning you won’t find a competitor with more flexibility and capacity. Jaguar has CTPAT certified, robust terminals in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo that are second to none when it comes to security and terminal presence. We pride ourselves on this area of expertise and you can count on Jaguar to make crossing the border seamless for all your transportation needs. 


Domestic Mexico

Although Jaguar has long prided itself on international expertise, we have placed a significant focus on expanding our service offerings specifically for domestic Mexico shipments. We have taken an aggressive approach to grow our trailer pool to provide and meet customer’s needs. Jaguar services all major Mexico markets and through its local staff offers full service solutions including dedicated, LTL, freight forwarding and logistics. 



Jaguar’s fleet is perfect for customers who have time sensitive, just-in-time, freight. Our local and dedicated team services all major markets and ensures capacity on your load. We have local drivers that work with a local dispatch team and planner, meaning no loss of communication and a staff knowledgeable within your area.  Our regional services have you covered for all your transportation needs. 


Border Crossing

Jaguar is a certified partner in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s C-TPAT and FAST programs, increasing supply chain security and reducing border vulnerabilities. Through Celadon, we are believed to be the largest provider of International truck transport in North America with approximately 110,000 annual border crossings. Between Jaguar and Celadon, your load is operated under the same operating system so visibility is never lost.